Soils & Aggregate

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Local Agency / MDOT/ Private Contractor / Commercial / Residential

  • Subgrade Evaluation (Proof-Rolling)
  • Soil Characterization
  • Density Control of Fill and Backfill Materials
  • Soils Engineering
  • Soil & Aggregate Sample Laboratory Services
  • Foundation Excavation Inspection
  • Bearing Capacity Verification (using Housel, Standard Cone Penetrometer, and Pocket Penetrometer Methods)
  • Design and Field Control of Engineered Fill
  • Test Pits / Perk Tests
  • Mechanical Analysis
  • In-Place Field Density/Moisture Testing
  • Aggregate QA/QC
  • Abrasion of Course Aggregate, ASTM D-131
  • Specific Gravity of Concrete Aggregate, ASTM C-127 or C-128
  • Specific Gravity of Soil, ASTM D-854
  • Absorption of Concrete Aggregate, ASTM C-127 or C-128
  • Particle Size Analysis, ASTM C-422
  • Moisture Content, ASTM D-2216
  • Moisture Density Relationship